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PPHR is a student-run publication designed to showcase the outstanding global health research performed by Princeton students and provide a forum for global health news. 
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Business Manager (Treasurer):
Help manage all of PPHR’s money and represent us at the annual ODUS Treasurer meeting. Most importantly, you will work closely with the Director of Sponsorships to raise funds for our annual print publication. You’ll get experience working with different funding agencies on campus and mastering the use of Concur. You report to the Editors-in-Chief.  
Director of Sponsorships: Reach out to various academic departments and programs to raise money for our annual print publication. You’ll establish friendly working relationships with faculty, administrators, other organizations and funding agencies on campus.  
Managing Web Editor: You oversee all the Associate Editors, making sure to answer their questions/emails in a timely manner, sending out deadline reminders and ensuring that articles are submitted on time. Think of yourself as the editor-in-chief of all the Associate Editors. You report to the Editors-in-Chief.  
Managing Print Editor: You work closely with the Research writers and editor to solicit submissions of original undergraduate research and select the best articles for the print publication. While the Design + Layout Team designs and creates the publication, you are the one that selects what goes in it. You report to Editors-in-Chief.  
Associate Editor: As an editor, you’ll oversee a team of writers and come up with ideas for articles. In addition to the autonomy you receive in running your respective team (ie. local, national, international, features or research), you’ll help your writers throughout the writing process, ensure they meet deadlines and revise articles, which includes checking thoroughly for grammar and style. You report to the Managing Web Editor.  
Writer: You’re the backbone of PPHR, writing and submitting articles that you pitched and have expressed interest in! No previous experience is necessary, but you must be able to write engagingly on health-related topics and meet deadlines. Pick from one of our five teams: local, national, international, features and research. You report to your team’s Associate Editor.  
Creative Director: You oversee the design + layout team and spearhead the ultimate creative vision for the print publication. In the Spring, you’ll work closely with the Business Manager to calculate the cost of publishing, in addition to placing orders. Must have experience with InDesign or other publishing platforms.  
Design and Layout Team: We’re looking for creativity and publishing skills! We publish an annual print publication every Spring and need your help in creating it. You’ll be in charge of putting PPHR on bookshelves and in libraries for others to cherish forever. Experience with InDesign and other publishing platforms is preferred, but not necessary. You report to the Creative Director.  
Media Editor: You’re the head honcho when it comes to everything multimedia – think videos, art and photos. We want our website and publication to be visually pleasing and we can’t do that without photos of our meetings, events, individual head shots or art submissions. You report to the Creative Director.

If not selected for your first-choice position, would you be willing to be considered for a writer position?

Which team are you most interested in? (For writers and editors only)

Teams are as follow: National, International, Research, Local and Features.
For prospective writers and editors, paste below a short writing sample (under 500 words).

Does not have to be global health-related.
For prospective Photo Editors and Design + Layout team members, what editing software have you worked with? What is your level of expertise? Do you have this software installed on your computer?

Thank you for your interest in PPHR! We will let you know shortly, after a thorough review of your application, about your status.

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